R3 Design have 29 years of experience in design, development and implementation of retail design and point of purchase displays.

  • point of purchase displays

R3 Design are a retail design development and implementation based company. We take an unbiased approach to design the right solution for your brief without sacrificing your vision to manufacturing capabilities.  Our team are experienced in working with all stakeholders, including design agencies, procurement and the end client. We can help you every step of the way, from your original vision through to a commercially viable product for volume manufacturing.  We use a consultative process to ensure buy-in throughout the design and development stages. Consequently, R3 Design ensure that you and all your stakeholders agree and understand every modification. As a result the final solution is true to the original aesthetics, functional and cost-effective.

  • Got a vision?

    Your requirements may be little more than a quick sketch at present.  We can work with you to create full concept designs ready for the next stage of development.

  • Got concept drawings?

    You may be a design agency or architect creating a product or environment for a client.  We can consult with you and your stakeholders to produce detailed value-engineered designs utilising the most sophisticated CAD software.

  • Got manufacturing drawings already?

    You may know exactly how the finished product should look, and want a prototype made for final review and redevelopment as necessary prior to volume manufacture.

What’s special about us?


  • work from existing concept drawings to produce detailed value-engineered solutions
  • produce prototypes of your products for review prior to volume manufacture
  • manufacture in-house so you can be confident the finished product will be of consistently high quality and to agreed specifications
  • invest in state-of-the art technology, from Solidworks 2016 design software to top-of-the-range CNC machines. So we give you the best outcome at a competitive price
  • have worked in point of purchase, retail design and manufacturing sectors for 29 years
  • offer a high level of expertise and produce a consistently excellent quality of work.
  • produce 92% of our work via customer recommendation or referral.

Creative Design Agencies

R3 Design can take your creative concept and produce a technical design.  Our experienced team can help you to develop your product and advise on materials.  Because we can value engineer your designs, we can help you to come up with commercially viable products ready for manufacturing.

Large Format Retailers

If you have stores across the UK that need fitting out, we can project-manage a roll-out of retail display furniture.  R3 Design are used to producing large volumes of shop fittings and delivering them on time using our palletised delivery service.

Global Brands

Many of our clients have recognised styles and colours and need to keep these consistent across their products.  We can help to design, develop and produce new items to fit with existing global branding guidelines.

Experiential Companies

We can work with experiential marketing companies to design and produce display stands, pop-up booths and bespoke solutions to help you deliver your campaign